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Mummy Wine Club

A monthly wine subscription that invites you to step outside your comfort zone and discover delicious, artisanal, and unique wines from around the world.

Curated selection

Between working as Managing Editor at The World of Fine Wine magazine, studying for the prestigious Master of Wine exam, teaching monthly wine courses and judging at international wine competitions, Victoria Daskal tastes over 1,500 different wines per year. 

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Monthly Wine

Each month you will receive an expert selection of four wines that can be anything from sparkling, sweet, white, rosé, orange, red or fortified. They'll tend to be seasonal choices, sometimes unexpected, but always exciting and delicious. 

Get inspired

The more you learn about wine the more you will appreciate all of the nuances that make it so special. With each case you will receive my tasting notes, the stories about the producers, and food matching ideas and recipes to enhance your experience

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